Discipleship Groups

Our Disciple Making (“DM”) journey began on September 08, 2013. There are in the DM journey four stages towards a healthy growing disciple-making church:


Discovering and knowing God, characterized by commitment to Christ and a strong foundation in the Christian faith.


Equipping and empowering believers/leaders who serve according to their spiritual gifts, characterized by Christ-like, servant attitude in a spawning community of faith.



Growing in obedience to Christ and demonstrating the fruit of the Spirit in service and character formation.


Identifying, challenging, equipping and empowering potential spiritual leaders who desire to multiply disciples for character formation, ministry formation, and mission.

There are six Disciple Groups (DG).

1. Patience DG

Leader: Jenny Yang

Members: Margaret Khoo, Chan Li Li, Jaclyn Kwang, Janice Ng and Ang Lee Fang

3. Young Men DG

Leaders: David Chan & Tang Weiqiang

Members: Irving Huang, Chua Yee Hao, Jeremy Liew and Daniel Yeo

5. Growth 2.0 DG

Growth DG 2016

Leader: Chua Soo Hwee

Members: Yuen Chee Meng, Liew Kok Beng, Ivan Ng, Peter Thng, and Alex Yit

2. Live for Christ DG

Leader: Rosaline Chan

Members: Shannen Toh (Asst), Thaddaeus Ng, Joel Yit, Joseph Tan, Burlington Goh, Caleb Thng, Edwina Lim, James Tan, Xavier Toh and Allyssa Marie Ramos

4. Rainbow DG

Leaders: Cheong Mee Ling & Adelynn Lee

Members: Lim Chio May, Cheok Shu Shyan, Joy Yew and Sally Lim

6. Bringing Up Boys DG

Bringing Up Boys DG 2016

Leader: Rev (Dr) Gary Choong

Members:  Allan Casabar, Maria Theresa Vizcarra, Tobbe Casabar, Ivan Loh, Cheok Soo Ting, Zayne Loh, Wan Chi Keung, Yuen Hwei Ling and Wan JiaYang