“Glorify God through engaging the congregation in authentic and inspiring praise and worship.”

This simple statement embodies the mission of the worship ministry.

The theme for the worship ministry this year is “Sing to the Lord a new song”, something repeated throughout the Bible, (eg. Ps 96:1, Ps 98:1, Ps 149:1, Isa 42:10, Rev 14:3). For a long time, the repertoire of songs that are sung during our worship services have been quite limited. There is nothing wrong with singing old songs or hymns. In fact, some of them are very beautiful and meaningful. However, we also have to recognize the importance of praising and worshiping God with new songs. Besides being biblical, it also injects a sense of freshness into our worship. The Lord desires to hear His people praise Him with new songs.

To keep up with the mission of providing “authentic and inspiring praise and worship”, we are embarking on a number of initiatives which deals with both “hardware” and “software”.

On the “hardware”, we have invested in a new Korg keyboard, a bass amplifier, upgraded our PA system, serviced our existing musical instruments, and are in the process of getting a new worship software. All these are done with the objective of enhancing the worship experience for the congregation.

On the “software”, there will be special focus and emphasis on training. The objective of “Developing the musician within you” has been set for each worship team member. As part of the training plan, we have invested in a number of excellent instructional DVDs and scheduled regular training sessions, starting from 18 Feb. Besides group training, active self-directed learning is also strongly encouraged. To deliver consistent quality praise and worship, each worship leader, musician, backup singer, PA crew and projectionist has to be thoroughly equipped and well trained. Excellence comes with a price. There is no shortcut if we want to serve the congregation and honour God with our very best.

The worship ministry is indeed excited about what lies ahead for 2013. We look forward to engage the congregation week after week with authentic and inspiring praise and worship.

To God be the glory!